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Authorised Test Centre based in Moscow, Russia

Providing proof of knowledge of the English language doesn’t need to be complicated. Online TOEFL ITP® testing helps non-native English students to get a quick and reliable evaluation of their language knowledge, as well as provides an official ETS-certified scorecard for official and personal use.

Where are the TOEFL ITP scores used?
International University Applications

More than 2,500 universities around the world accept TOEFL ITP® test scorecards as proof of English knowledge.

Language courses

and certificate programs

TOEFL ITP® test results help establish your level of English for certificate programs, independent courses and more.

Independent language

Figure out your level of English to see your own learning progress or establish an educational plan for your future.



Online TOEFL ITP® testing combines the benefits of the original in-person exam with the added convenience and flexibility of the digital format.

The online TOEFL ITP® test results are:

  • Officially certified by ETS
  • Valid for 2 years from the date of the online test
  • Administered by Skoltech: one of the first official ETS Authorised Test Centres for TOEFL ITP® test in Moscow, Russia.

By taking the online TOEFL ITP® test through Skoltech, you will also get the benefits of:

A comfortable setup
online, at home
Flexible test schedule
take the test as soon as 10 days after your payment
Quick results
unofficial results available immediately
after the test
Dedicated support
a dedicated team member guiding you along the way
TOEFL ITP test fees
for the administration of the online TOEFL ITP® Level 1 or Level 2 test, with unofficial results available immediately at the end of the exam
for the administration of the online TOEFL ITP® Level 1 or Level 2 test, with the official scorecard, available in 10 days after the exam is administered
Test structure
The test is best suited for non-English speaking students aged 14 and up with Elementary to Advanced levels of English (A2-C1).

  • TOEFL ITP® Level 1 test is administered for students with intermediate to advanced knowledge of English (B1 to C1)
  • TOEFL ITP® Level 2 test is administered for students with elementary to intermediate knowledge of English (A2 to B1)

The exam takes around 95 minutes. It consists of 140 questions, divided into 3 sections:
Listening Comprehension
(35 min)
measures your ability to understand spoken English as it is used in colleges and universities.
Structure and Written Expression
(25 min)
measures recognition of selected structural and grammatical points in standard written English.
Reading Comprehension
(35 min)
measures your ability to read and understand academic reading material written in English.
Preferred date of testing (approximate, can be changed)
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